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Trophy Hunting in Pakistan

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Ibex Hunting
Ibex Hunting

November till March



The Himalayan Ibex can be separated from the alpine population by the horn shape which, in adult males, grows much longer, curving round to form ? of a complete arc and tapering to relatively slender points.

The record horn from Pakistan measured 140cm and came from Gilgit. It had a basal girth of 26.5cm and a gap of 63.5cm between tips and certainly in Gilgit a head with horns over this length would be considered an exceptionally good trophy.


Confined to relatively arid mountain ranges of the inner Himalayas, living well above the tree line only in the higher more precipitous regions. They occur from about 3550m to over 5000m in Pakistan, though they sometimes migrate from one mountain range to another in winter and in so doing have been seen crossing valleys below 2135m


They are fairly wide spread through the higher mountain ranges in Baltistan in the Karakoram Range, the Haramosh Range, and the probably the highest population of Ibex now survives in Northern Hunza, specially in the water shed of Khunjerab, and to the east of Khunjerab. In Gilgit, they are still fairly plentiful in Ishkoman, Yasin and Hunza. Further west they occur in the Hindukush range of mountains and throughout Northern Chitral down to about 32 kilometers north of Chitral and in the higher mountain ranges of Chilas and on the slopes of Malika Parbat Mountain.


Himalayan Ibex has a wider distribution and is plentiful and its future survival is not so threatened in Pakistan largely due to the inaccessibility of its habitat provided by the very extensive concentration of very high mountain ranges in the extreme north western region. Baltistan and Hunza are undoubtedly the strong holds of the Himalayan Ibex in the region today. In the early spring the Ibex are half starved and eagerly seek new sprouting grass when it is available at lower milder elevations. This is the only time when they descend as low as 2450m and are thus much easier to hunt.


Any hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. A number of permits from local and federal authorities, specially import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits to carry and use these inside the country are required. These often take several weeks to process and must be obtained before the arrival of hunting party in the country.



Note :- Although we try to adhere to the schedule listed below, this itinerary is subject to change due to numerous reasons beyond our control such as bad weather, cancelled or delayed flights, road washouts, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, sickness, govt. restrictions, & all other unforeseen exigencies.


Upon arrival met and transfer to your hotel in Rawalpindi. After a short rest drive to Islamabad, Ministry of Tourism to complete the necessary formalities and obtain  permit.


Drive to hunting area in North of Pakistan. Overnight hotel.


Day at leisure. while staff will make final arrangement for the expedition.


Stalking with expert professional guide for ibex trophy hunt. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.


Drive to Rawalpindi. Upon arrival transfer to your hotel in Rawalpindi.


Transfer to airport for your onward flight to abroad.

End of our services



01. Full board hotel meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner in town and city).
02. Airport transfers on arrival and at the time of return.
03. Transport from Islamabad to Hunting Area for men and material.
04. Transport from Hunting Area to Islamabad on return for men and material.
05. Jeeps where require for men and material.
06. Wages of porters, scouts and their food and insurance.
07. Wages of 01 cook, his food, equipment and insurance.
08. Kitchen equipment for the expedition until base camp only.
09. Two person tent for all climbing members until base camp only.
10. Sleeping mattresses for all members until base camp only.
11. Camping fees, road taxes, parking fees.
12. Procurement of import and export permit for expedition equipment.
13. Procurement of Helicopter Rescue Bond from Ministry of Tourism against expeditions actual deposit (6000 US Dollars) if require.
14. Permit cost: The government fee is US dollars 4000 for each ibex. All the charges and  fee is non refundable after obtaining the hunting permit. It includes one hunter to shoot one ibex during the winter hunting season. The amount is deposited well before the arrival of hunting party in Pakistan. Only one hunter can join under one permit and there is no limit for non hunting members to join the expedition. Non hunting member will only pay for service charges.
15. Local community Fee: The local community incharge of the area where the hunt is conducted is authorized to charge a fee from US dollars 4000 to US dollars 6000 per hunter to allow access to their hunting grounds.
16. Insurance for Arms and Animation.
17. Government documents process fee US dollars 100 per hunter.


01.Personal equipment / clothing for the scouts.
02. International Air tickets
03. Climbing gear
04. High altitude food
05. High altitude tents
06. Camping Gas
07. Personal equipment
08. Transportation or porter age of excess baggage
09. Sleeping bags
10. Rucksacks
11. Emergency rescues. Any expedition member/s want to include Emergency Helicopter Rescue in their program must notify us in advance. A deposit of US Dollars 6000 (Six Thousand US Dollars) in CASH is require for this arrangement. The amount is REFUNDABLE in case no such facility has been used during the holiday. You are requested to please insure yourself for emergency air rescue if require.
12. Medications
13. Insurance (All expedition members must be protected by insurance that covers cancellation, accident, health, emergency evacuation and loss or damage to baggage and personal effects).
14. Room services
15. Laundry charges and other items of personal nature.


01. Our quotes are net, non-commissionable.
02. Our inclusive quotes and conditions are strictly based on the enclosed itinerary and total number of hotel and camp nights mentioned therein.
03. The above rates are quoted per person based on sharing a double room and a two-person tent. A single room and tent can be provided on payment of a single supplement. We do not guarantee single supplement.


If the trip has to be delayed due to canceled or delayed flights, sickness, accidents, bad weather, road washouts, Govt. restrictions, or any other contingency for which for which Jasmine Tours cannot make provisions, the resulting extra cost for such delays will be charged separately.


01. All provisional reservation must reach us in writing at least 120 days before your arrival in Pakistan. No deposits are necessary for making any provisional reservations.
02. All provisional reservations are subject to confirmation on deposit all fee in advance  atleast 40 days before arrival of group in Pakistan.
03. The naming list must reach us at least 40 days before arrival of group in Pakistan.  04. For provisional booking please inform your name, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue of passport, expiry date, your complete address, person to contact in case of emergency, your previous mountaineering experience (if any).


All payments must be sent by money grams, telex transfers, or demand drafts to  Asghar Ali Porik US$ Account # 02-125-2223-2, Askari Commercial Bank Limited, AWT Plaza, The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Personal and travelers cheques are not acceptable.


All cancellations must be notified in writing to Jasmine Tours.  Cancellation charges will be levied as follows:-

01. In case of cancellation made before the deposit of Permit fee and government processing fee we will refund all amount after deducting very nominal fee as our services charges.


Jasmine Tours, its agents, employees or any of the affiliates or subsidiary companies shall neither be responsible nor liable for any loss, damage, injury, sickness or death caused to any member or the property of the group directly or indirectly due to any irregularity, delay, accident, theft, acts of God, dangers, fire, vehicle breakdown, machinery failure, declared or undeclared hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, delays, cancellations or changes in itinerary or schedules, Govt. restrictions or due to any causes beyond the control of Jasmine Tours.


Transport we use are Toyota Coaster/Hi-ace Van  fully air-conditioned and equipment with all necessary modern facilities. Drivers we choose having 15-20 years experience driving for tourists,  they are careful and safe drivers.


Willy Jeep; Please note that the jeeps used in Pakistan are open jeeps (with soft canvas roof which can be removed and roll-up/down sides) and DO NOT have seat belts, roll bars or restraining sides. They are old American Willy jeeps, which have been re-conditioned. They are the most reliable for the road conditions in Pakistan and are easily repaired along the route you will be taking. They are the most commonly used vehicles for tourism in Pakistan. The drivers we use are experienced working with foreign tourists and are careful and safe drivers. 4WD like Toyota Hilux, Pajero also can be arrange on request but they are about 3 times the cost. Please do not expect European standards. Transport does make a large portion of any program for travel in Pakistan.


All travelers must be protected by insurance that covers cancellation, accident, health, emergency evacuation and loss or damage to baggage and personal effects up to 20,000 US Dollars.

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