Booking for   summer / winter mountaineering, climbing and trekking, hunting, sightseeing is started. Visa invitation letter for Pakistan. Fixed departure for K2 Expedition, Broad Peak Expedition, Gasherbrum Expedition, Nanga Parbat Expedition, Spantik Peak Expedition, Trango Tower Expedition. Special fixed departure for Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition contact for details. 40% discount on Peak Fee for all peaks 95% discount Peak fee announced for mountaineering in Winter. 90% discount on Peak Fee for mountains in Gilgit, Ghizar and Chitral. Winter Holidays in Pakistan. Hotel Booking for all standard of hotels; Pearl Continental, Serena Hotel, Shigar Fort, Marriott. Trophy Hunting quota for Markhor has been issuedIbex quota is 60 animal from all over Gilgit BaltistanBlue Sheep quota
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K2 Expedition
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Istoro -o- Nal 7403m
Saltoro Kangri 7442m
Baltoro Kangri 7300m
Sia Kangri 7422m
Link Sar 7041m
Trango Tower Expedition
Liala ( Leala) Peak Expedition
Drifica Peak 6447m
Kapura Peak 6544m
Amin Brakk 5800m
Shipton Spire
Changi Tower 5800m
Buldar Peak 5602m
Urtum Peak 5960m
Rush Phari Peak 5098m
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Bird Watching Tour

From Arabian Sea in South to Khunjerab Pass in North, Pakistan offer unique birds variety which is the Specialities of their particular region. 

Birds sites near Karachi include Cape Monze (white tailed Lapwing, Sooty Gull, Variable Wheatear), Korangi Greek (shore birds including Great Knot) Birds sites near Islamabad include Rawal Lake to the southeast of the city (Cinnamon Bittern (April to September) on north side, Great Thick-knee and Small Pratincole at the eastern end) and the Maragalla Hill on the northern edge of the city. The vegetated ravines and remnant pine forest here support Kalij Phesant, Blue throated Barbet, Indian Pitta (May to September), Chestnut Thrush (November to March), Golden Bush-Robin, Variegated Laughinthrush, Black-chinned Babbler, Rufous-breasted (November to March), and Black-throated (November to March), Accentors and Chestnut-breasted Bunting.

Birds sites in Murree include Nathiagali National Park. The old hill station situated at 2291m 60km northeast of Islamabad, support a few west Himalayan specialities including Black-headed Jay and Black-and-yellow Grosbeak. The birds we watch during our recent trip includes Great Barbet, Scaly-bellied Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, Gold-billed Magpie, Black-headed Jay, Raven, White-cheeked Nuthatch, Black-crested Tit, Green-backed Tit, Black-throated Tit, Asian House-Martin, Variegated Laughingthrush, Eurasian Blackbird, Blue-headed Redstart, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Verditer Flycatcher, Indian Blue Robin and Russet Sparrow.

Palas Valley - The temperate forest in this high valley supports around 325 pairs of the very rare and beautiful Western Tragopan, along with a number of other west Himalayan specialities such as Black-headed Jay, Tytler's Leaf-Warbler, Orange Bullfinch, and Black and yellow Grosbeak. Seeing these birds and the many other involve obtaining a permit in advance and organizing a camping trek which at lasts at least ten days during May, when the cat-like call of the tragopan can be heard at dawn. Many of the birds listed are only present during the summer (May till September).

Other birds watching sites includes Northwest Frontier Province, where black-throated Accentor has been recorded in winter at the 2700m Lowari Pass. The 805 km long Karakoram Highway, Neelam Valley, Kaghan Valley enables access to some superb birding sites.

We also run a program called Indus Boating (December till Feb) During this journey you will see the ancient civilian lives, historical sights and old villages. Besides all these attractions river Indus during winter is a naturally protected sanctuary for migrating birds like Cormorants, Shags, Egrets, Herons, Geese, Ducks, Vultures, Kites, Eagles, Bustard - Quails, Cranes, Terns, Kingfishers, Blue Indian Rullers, Woodpeckers, and other important feature are Tartals and one and only one in the World and main the attraction of this journey is the blind Indus Dolphin.

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Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat Base Camp trek 5d 4n
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Meran Jani 2980m Track (day trip)
Salt Range Plus Hindu Temples Ruins (full day)
Deosai Burjila Trek 7 days
Skardu Panorama - 6 days 5 nights
Bird Watching Tour
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